MOCON’s Consulting & Testing Services offers standard permeation testing. These services are primarily accomplished on MOCON manufactured equipment for the testing of water vapor, oxygen and carbon dioxide transmission rates. They are performed in accordance with established industry accepted methods for both sample preparation and analysis.

Our labs are located all over the world with locations in Minnesota, Colorado, Germany, China, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Poland, India and the United Kingdom. They serve a diverse client base, including pharmaceutical, medical devices, electronic manufacturers, food processors, the paper industry and various other specialty manufacturers.

Testing for...

Water Vapor Permeation Rates

  • ASTM E96
  • ASTM E398
  • ASTM F1249
  • ASTM D6701
  • Tappi T557
  • Tappi T523
  • ISO 15106
  • JIS K7129

Carbon Dioxide Permeation Rates

WVTR down to 0.0005 gm/(m² • d)

USP 661/671 testing

Film thickness

Oxygen Permeation Rates

  • ASTM D3985
  • ASTM F1307
  • ASTM F2622-8
  • ASTM F1927

Testing of both flat films and packages

OTR down to 0.0005 cc/(m² • d)

Gelbo-Flex testing

Headspace for O₂, CO₂ and CO