This two cell water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) testing system is ideal for testing flat films, finished packages and components. It consists of 3 separate master instruments which can be expanded up to 9 satellite units, providing a total of 20 cells. These instruments offer our widest sensor range for WVTR testing. Complies with ASTM F-1249, TAPPI T557, JIS K-7129 and 21 CFR Part 11.

  • Self-contained pump and plumbing
  • Enclosed test chamber
  • Probes, flow and purge controls on test cell platform
  • Water level view port (on G version only)
  • System status indicators
  • Built-in selectable reference cell
  • Patented dual test cell per module
  • Proprietary modulated infrared sensor
  • Electronics and master control boards communicating with computer and MOCON permeability software (WinPerm®)
  • Self-contained heating/cooling unit on sub-ambient temperature controlled modules
  • Expandable up to 20 test cells (10 modules)
  • Computer-determined equilibrium
  • Double-cell film testing mode with increased sensitivity
  • Optional Package Environmental Chamber (PEC) for package testing under precise temperature and relative humidity environments

See brochure for best viewing of specifications.

Specifications for OX-TRAN 2/21 Family modules:
M= master
S= Satellite

  MA SA MW SW MG Plus SG Plus
WVTR Test Range : (see Note 1) X X X X X X

Test Temperature Range:

5C above ambient to 50C X X
5C – 50C X X X X

Standard RH Testing (No Salts Required):

Films – 100% RH X X X X X X
Package – 100% Rh or ambient X X X X X X

Generated RH Testing (No Salts Required):

Films – 100% and 5% – 95% RH X X
Packages – 100% and 5% – 95% RH application dependent X X

Test Sample Sizes:

Films – 4.25 in x 4.25 in (10.8 cm x 10.8 cm) X X X X X X
Packages – Up to 3 liters per package X X X X X X
Generated RH – Up to 2 liters per package X X
Test Cells per Module 2 – 50 cm2 Test Cells X X X X X X
Expandable up to 10 modules (20 test cells) X X X X X X
Built-in Reference Cell (Standard), Selectable Zero Compensation (Standard) X X X X X X
Automatic Flow Compensation (Standard) X X X X X X
Computer, Monitor, Printer and WinPerm® Permeability Software (Standard) X X X
Automatic Temperature Monitor and Control (Standard) X X X X X X
Note #1
Carrier Flow Sample g/(m2 · day) g/(100 in2 · day) g/(pkg · day)
100 cc/min Unmasked, Masked 0.035 – 100, 35 – 1000 0.0023 – 6.45, 0.023 – 64.5 0.00018 – 0.5
10 cc/min Unmasked, Masked 0.005 – 10, 0.05 – 100 0.0003 – 0.65, 0.003 – 6.5 0.00003 – 0.05