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OpTech®-O2 Platinum

The OpTech®- O2 Platinum is the ideal multi-application oxygen analyzer for beverage, blepharoplastic, and food products.

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Users report the OpTech is the simplest optical oxygen analyzer to use. View the independent study.

The OpTech is also the most flexible optical analyzer available today offering:

  • O2 headspace analysis
  • Dissolved O2 analysis
  • Tiny Volume analysis capability
  • Optical analysis through opaque barriers
  • Permeation OTR testing
  • Permeation OTR of perforate film
  • Simple no gas calibration with CalCard®
  • Platinum chemistry


  • Permeation Film Cell
  • OpTech Needle Sensor
  • ImPULSE External Sensor
  • Reusable Internal Sensor
  • Permanent Internal Sensor
  • Portability Kit
  • Bar Code Reader

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