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Off-Line, High Performance Thickness Profile
Measurement System

  • Fast
  • Accurate
  • Easy to Use

Welcome to a new era of Profile Measurement

  • Guaranteed highest levels of precision and accuracy
  • Guaranteed to hold calibration
  • Important features, including %Plus™ and SpotPlot™
  • Goes beyond beta gauge technology
  • Your gateway to unlimited process and product analysis

An Investment in Quality
Resin prices are rising and competition is increasing. How is your company going to save money and improve quality? The Precision Profiler™ gives you an advantage by showing you where you need to make adjustments in your process. Reduce your scrap and prevent bad product from reaching your customers.

High Precision QC Tool

  • Analyze the profile for each roll produced
  • Print out thickness profile and QC reports
  • Document and archive roll samples for customer assurance
  • Troubleshoot customer complaints

Production Support Tool

  • Sturdy design - use in the lab or on the production floor
  • Check profile set-ups (includes die bolt mapping)
  • Reduce troubleshooting time
  • Easy-to-use software provides useful product data

Special Features
%Plus™ mode provides a simple way to characterize your material with no calibration set-up requirement. The SpotPlot™ mode turns your Precision Profiler™ into a non-contact, digital micrometer, with full computational and computer support. The Run feature includes Auto-Stop and Auto-Exclude for seams and splices when checking finished product. The software runs on standard Windows operating systems. Cut and past your data to other applications, or print out screens and reports for your customers - or for your own analysis. Data may also be exported directly to Excel spreadsheets.

The Precision Profiler System includes:

  • Precision Profiler Gauge with motorized nip/roll measurement head assembly, incorporation SolveTech's proprietary, non-contact, dielectric measurement technology. Provides serial data interface to any standard COM port. Computer and color printer not included unless specified.
  • PR2000B-PC System Software for Windows
  • Foot switch, film stabilizer, and associated power cord and cable