AMETEK MOCON is a leading provider of instruments and testing services for permeation transmission rate and package integrity testing. Its products include OTR/WVTR permeation instruments, MAP headspace gas analyzers, MAP gas mixers, and leak detectors that provide customers with total package quality control.  Applications include food & beverage packaging, medical device & pharmaceutical packaging, and flexible electronics material research & development.

Our Culture

Our culture is built on our Mission, Vision and Core Values that we live out each day...

Our Vision

To increase the quality and safety of the environment and the products we consume.

Our Mission

We provide unparalleled solutions by developing state-of-the-art test and measurement instruments and services on which our customers can depend.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • High Quality
  • Customer Focused
  • Respect

MOCON Inc. is a global manufacturing company headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA with operations in Colorado, Germany, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy, and China.

Our Beginnings and Growth

Founded in 1966 with permeation transmission rate instruments as our core business, MOCON has evolved into providing instruments and services for the packaging industry, contract testing, industrial gas testing and microbial detection. MOCON now offers the world’s most comprehensive range of instruments and services for testing, measuring and analyzing with installations in 79 countries, representing 6 continents.

The Permeation Products & Services business unit manufactures instruments to measure permeation transmission rates of :

  • Oxygen
  • Water vapor
  • Carbon dioxide

In addition to providing instrumentation, MOCON offers consulting and testing services measuring permeation transmission rates of films, packages, components, and devices for:

  • Inert gases
  • Organic compounds

Marketed direct within the United States and worldwide through subsidiaries and distributors.

The Package Testing Products and Services business unit is headquartered in Ringsted, Denmark and provides quality control and quality assurance solutions for:

  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)
  • Package integrity and leak testing
  • Process monitoring and control of gas packaging processes
  • Gas mixing and gas analysis

The Package Testing group markets products worldwide through subsidiaries, distributors, resellers and OEM’s.

MOCON’s Industrial Analyzer business unit is headquartered in Lyons, Colorado and designs manufactures, sells, installs and services a range of analyzers and sensors for use in:

  • Industrial Hygiene – for detection of hazardous gases in the workplace and indoor air quality
  • Energy – for hydrocarbon gas analysis during oil and gas exploration and alternate energy production
  • Industrial and Specialty Gas Production – for trace impurity detection and gas analysis
  • Environmental Monitoring – for emissions, remediation site, fence lines and atmospheric air quality
  • OEM Sensors – for manufacturers of gas detection instrumentation
  • Water Quality – for rapid microbial testing of water supplies and treatment
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Marketed direct within the United States and through distributors worldwide.

A rapid automatic screening system impacts all industries that require aerobic bacteria detection and counts. This division offers a break through system using a novel oxygen sensing system measuring total bacteria counts, and some specific pathogen counts in 1 -15 hours compared to the traditional 48 hour testing period.

We continue to expand our capabilities of detecting specific pathogens by adding new specific pathogen tests such as Coliforms.

Marketed direct within the United States and worldwide through expert distributors.