AMETEK MOCON, Inc. has been recognized as the global leader of quality permeation testing systems for more than 50 years.

Permeation is the movement of gas and vapor across a barrier material, and it greatly influences shelf life.  Understanding the permeation rate of a product’s packaging helps to avoid both over- and under-packaging and retain brand integrity.

MOCON provides the highest quality instruments and testing services for:

  • Oxygen, water vapor, carbon dioxide
  • Barrier, package integrity & shelf life consultation
  • Volatile permeants
  • Inert gases

MOCON’s Permeation Group supports food, beverage, packaging, pharmaceutical, medical device, electronics, construction, consumer products, chemical and textile industries worldwide –locally through an extensive global sales and service network and strategically-located contract permeation laboratories.

Permeation Testing:

MOCON’s Consulting & Testing Services Group provides a wide range of permeation and package integrity testing services.  From film to finished package, we analyze the transmission rate of water vapor, oxygen and carbon dioxide and how these affect your products.

When you need to increase throughput, clear up testing backlogs, and solve unique package testing challenges, let MOCON’s decades of experience provide the answers you need without capital expense.

The permeation group has an extensive sales and service network throughout the world as well as contract permeation laboratories in key locations.

All permeation instruments comply with UL/CSA/CE