MOCON Inc., is an international manufacturing company headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA.

While working as a research physicist for General Mills in Minneapolis, Les Demorest, our founder, saw the need for the type of moisture measurement instrumentation that became our first product.

From 1957-1962 Demorest developed the original infrared gas measurement technology that would be used in founding the company.

1963: Founding

Founding of Demorest Instruments Co., to develop and sell the world’s first dynamic Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR) permeation instrument, the IRD-2C; later to become ASTM standard F-372.

1960s, 70s, 80, 90s.

66. Name changed to Modern Controls, Inc. and first use of the name MoCon, with facilities at 3040 Snelling Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
68. Initial Public Offering on Local-Over the Counter Minneapolis market.
70. Development of the first OX-TRAN oxygen permeation test instrument 
71. Sale of first OX-TRAN model 100, an instrument that determines the rate of oxygen molecules permeating through a barrier film
75. Development of the first PERMATRAN-W and OX-TRAN model 10/50, the world’s first multi-cell permeation instruments.
77. Introduction of the first PAC GUARD 400 CO₂ leak detector.
78. Company moved to location in Elk River, Minnesota.
79. Modern Controls, Inc. listed on NASDAQ national stock market MOCO.
Importation of first MOCON®/Toray LC-700F Oxygen Headspace Analyzer.
Developed and sold the first VERICAP® model 1200, high speed capsule weighing and sorting system for the pharmaceutical industry.
81. Introduction of the OX-TRAN Twin and the VERICAP 1800.
Establishment of a MOCON Standard Testing Laboratory to provide paid permeation testing services to customers.
83. Introduction of OX-TRAN model 1000, the world’ first computerized permeation testing instrument.
84. Moved Company to Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.
Introduction of AB-1, Automatic Balance – an instrument used to weigh and sort tablets and capsules.
Introduced the PERMATRAN-C®, an instrument used to determine the rate of carbon dioxide permeation through a barrier film and plastic soft drink bottles.
85. Introduction of AB-2, VERICAP 2110 and MULTI-TRAN, an instrument to test permeability of a variety of gases including nitrogen, argon, helium and hydrogen.
86. Acquisition of Winzen Research film thickness division.
Introduction of MOCON’s Profiler product line.
87. Introduction of the world’s first “precise RH” OX-TRAN, as the models 10/50H and 1000H
88. Introduction of first precise humidity WVTR test system, the PERMATRAN-W model 200 and the Profilers 140, 120, and 310.
89. Introduction of the SKYE® leak and burst tester, model 1520.
Introduction of: OX-TRAN’s 300 and 300H, Profilers 320 and 410, and PG-1 carbon dioxide headspace analyzer.
90. Moved Company to 7500 Boone Avenue North, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.
Introduction of the first modular OX-TRAN model 2/20, as well as the AROMATRAN®, an instrument design to test for the transmission rates of organic vapors or gases such as menthol, d-limonen, propane, etc.
Also, introduced the Veritab, a high-speed tablet check weigher for the pharmaceutical industry,
and the SKYE 2000, an improved leak and burst tester.
92. Introduction of the first modular WVTR test system, the PERMATRAN-W model 3/30.
Also introduced the Profiler 420 and HS-751 oxygen headspace analyzer.
94. Introduced the OX-TRAN MT/STand NIST calibration films.
Introduced the PERMATRAN-W model 3/31, the PAC CHECK® 200, the VERICAP 2500, and the AB-PLUS.
95. Obtained CE, UL, CSA and ETL approval on most MOCON products.
Introduced the PAC CHECK’s 450 and 650.
96. Introduction of Transorption technology.
Introduction of the GSA® on-line headspace analyzer.
97. Introduced Super OX-TRAN, PERM-NET, P=SxD testing, and the models PERMATRAN-W 100K and 3/60, and the OX-TRAN model 2/60.
98. Acquired Microanalytics Corp. in Texas and Lab Connections, Inc. in Boston including the products LCT 400/500 and the AromaTrax.
99. Changed Company name to MOCON Inc.
Acquisition of assets of MAS Technologies, Inc., a competitor.


2000: Acquisition

Acquired leak detection intellectual property from True Technology, Inc. for medical packaging.

2001: Acquisition

Acquired Baseline Industries in Colorado, introduced the products 8800, RAMS, and portable PID.

2001: New Instruments

Introduced the PAC GUARD 500, the OX-TRAN 2/61, PERMATRAN 3/61, PERMATRAN 3/33, OX-TRAN 2/21, and the LCT 600.

2002: New Instruments

Introduced the PERMATRAN-W model 700 WVTR test instrument. Introduced the 8900, the PiD-Tech, and the PAC CHECK 225. Sold the first LCT 700’s.

2003: New Instruments

Introduced the OX-TRAN Model 702, automated multi-cell oxygen permeation test instrument.

2004: Acquisition

Acquired German distributor Lippke® in Neuwied, Germany.

2004: New Instruments

Introduced the low cost PERMATRAN-W model 398 WVTR test system. Introduced Baseline’s PiD-Tech miniaturized OEM PiD sensor.

2005: New Instruments

Introduction of the PAC CHECK Model 302, 325, 333 Hand-Held oxygen and CO₂ headspace analyzers.

2006: Sale

Sold Lab Connection Inc.

2006: New Instruments

Introduced the OX-TRAN Model 2/10 cost-effective system for oxygen transmission rate testing, the PAC CHECK Model 800 series headspace analyzer, leak detector and package volume testing system, the PERMATRAN-C® model 10 carbon dioxide transmission rate analyzer for testing beverage bottles, the AQUATRAN® Model 1 ultra-high sensitivity WVTR testing system, Baseline’s BevALERT® and PetroALERT® gas chromatography instruments and PiDTech® PLUS, and Lippke’s 4000SL pack testing system.

2006: Award

Recieved the TEKNE Company award for entrepreneurial spirit and promise with continued economic growth through technology development.

2006: Award

Named by The Business Journal (October, 2006) as one of the top 20 small public companies of Minnesota.

2007: New Office

Opened office in China with MOCON trained support staff.

2007: New Instruments

The GSA 102 on-line oxygen gas stream analyzer is released. The PERMATRAN-W 1/50 low cost WVTR permeation system is released. The Lippke® 4000 series package test systems are released.

2007: Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs

Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe featured MOCON’s AromaTrax.

2007: Good Morning America Article

MOCON’s AromaTrax was featured in a part of Good Morning America’s article “$5,000. The price of smelling nice.”

2008: New Instruments

Baseline-MOCON® adds Bronze label to PiD-Tech and photo ionization sensor series for VOC analysis. The OX-TRAN 1/50 low cost OTR system is released. PTI and MOCON sign manufacturing and marketing agreement for the OxyTraq® oxygen permeation system. MOCON’s PAC CHECK 450 EC O₂ headspace analyzer is released. MOCON released the OpTech-O₂ Platinum oxygen analyzer.

2009: New Instruments

MOCON released GSA model 102 inline O₂ analyzer. Released PAC CHECK 650EC O₂/CO₂ headspace analyzer.

2009: New Certified Lab

MOCON opened a certified testing partner lab in India with Hemetek Techno Instruments.

2010: New Instruments

MOCON introduced the GreenLight® system for rapid microbial detection. Introduced PERMATRAN-W Model 3/33. Introduced MultiCheck 300 package integrity system.

2010: New Building

Corporate headquarters moved to new Minneapolis location with 60,000 sq. ft.

2010: Award

Received Packaging World, Leadership in Packaging honor.

2010: Award

Received Minnesota Governors international trade award.

2010: Acquisition

Acquired a minority investment in Luxcel Biosciences® of Cork, Ireland.

2011: New Certification

GreenLight received MicroVal Certification.

2011: New Instruments

MOCON bundled permeation units for easy entry into OTR/WVTR testing. Introduced MultiCheck 400 package integrity system. Introduced GreenLight model 910 and GreenLight model 930.

2011: New Certified Lab

MOCON partnered with Canada’s Guelph Food Technology Center (GFTC) to create a certified partner lab in Toronto, Canada.

2012: Acquisition

MOCON acquired Danish packaging technology company, PBI-Dansensor®.

2012: New Instruments

MOCON introduced MultiCheck® 425 package integrity system.

2012: New Certified Lab

Partnered with RDM in the UK to create certified partner lab in England.

2012: New Certified Lab

Partnered with PTI to create a certified partner lab in Switzerland.

2013: New Branding

MOCON introduced new corporate and subsidiary branding.

2013: New Instruments

Introduction of the AQUATRAN Model 2 for ultra-high sensitivity WVTR testing. Also introduced the MAP Check 3 Vacuum.

2013: Award

Named tenth fastest growing public company in Minnesota by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal.

2013: New Certified Lab

MOCON opened a certified testing partner lab in Australia with Inspection Systems.

2014: New Instruments

Introduction of OX-TRAN 2/22 for OTR permeation testing. Also, introduced the PAC CHECK 333 plus for headspace analysis.

2014: New Certified Sales/Service Center

MOCON partnered with Meyer to establish certified sales/service locations in Canada.

2014: New Certified Lab

MOCON opened a certified testing partner lab in Poland with Ronox Technology.

October 2015: MOCON announces opening of LifePackLabs

Life Pack Labs is a business partnership between MOCON, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOCO), the world’s leading manufacturer of permeation instrumentation, and Life Packaging Technology LLC, Costa Mesa, Calif., a leader in package engineering services for life science products.

February 2016: MOCON celebrates its 50th Anniversary!!

March 2017: Denmark-based subsidiary changes name from Dansensor A/S to MOCON Europe A/S

View official press release

June 22, 2017: MOCON is Acquired by AMETEK, Inc.

MOCON joins AMETEK as part of its Process & Analytical Instruments Division within AMETEK’s Electronic Instruments Group. AMETEK, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of approximately $4.0 billion.

To learn more about AMETEK please visit their website here