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MOCON announces the promotion of Alan Traylor to the newly-created position of Director of Product Management. Traylor would be responsible for overseeing the product management teams for the following company business units: permeation, testing lab and consultancy, package testing and integrity, microbial detection and industrial analyzers.


MOCON announces a Rapid Yeast/Mold test method for dairy products, such as yogurt, soft cheese and cream, can dramatically improve speed-to-market and reduce economic impact from spoiled product.  


MOCON’s OX-TRAN® Model 2/22 10X targets ultra-high barrier applications.


A new, fully automated, leak testing system has been developed to help food processors ensure that individual modified atmosphere packages (MAP) are not going out the door with undetected micro leaks. 


 Global marketing agreement between MOCON, Inc. and Particle Measuring Systems.