MOCON's Consulting and Testing Services Group address the Entire Food/Package Life Cycle.

MOCON has established a first-of-its-kind, one-stop approach for the analysis of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, etc. and related packaging from raw material to transport to shelf life.

MOCON’s reputation as setting the gold standard for packaging testing will now be expanded beyond our existing services of barrier analysis, headspace, water vapor, leak detection, burst, creep, hot tack, seal strength, coefficient of friction and vacuum decay and now provides a single-entry point for virtually any type of testing which can impact shelf life.

MOCON’s extensive package testing capability includes a broad variety of types, substrates, and components—flexible structures, rigid bottles, foil seals, pouches, aseptic boxes, trays, and lid stock, etc.

MOCON's Consulting & Testing Laboratory in Minneapolis, MN is an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited laboratory, as issued by A2LA, the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation.*  Learn More

*Not all testing listed on our website is included in our A2LA Scope of Accreditation.  Please consult our A2LA Certificate #4231.01 for a list of accredited tests.

Testing for...

Microbial studies. Mold growth impact on shelf life/food safety issues.

Chemical and physical analysis. Food products and packaging are reviewed for components, presence of contaminants and physical properties.

MAP system audits. On-site evaluation of MAP system/equipment.

Transportation testing. Vibration, drop and compression testing to simulate shipping conditions.

Accelerating aging studies. Product/package evaluations to predict shelf life.

Gas mix optimization. Determining the optimum gas mixture to meet modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) objectives.

Shelf life optimization. In-depth study of product, process, package to help extend/maximize shelf life.