MOCON is the only company that provides an unparalleled team of experts to design, develop, trouble shoot and validate medical device and pharmaceutical packaging systems.

MOCON technologies are often used in the medical device and pharmaceutical packaging industries for the following applications:

  • Medical device/biologic/drug product concept, development phase
  • Sterile and/or functional packaging design and validation phase
  • Shelf life modeling / predictive analysis / aging, atmospheric and environmental degradation
  • MAP process development and deployment
  • In process control / lot release testing
  • New materials or alternate supplier selection
  • Test method development and validation
  • Process validation and package compliance
  • QA/QC development and compliance
  • Evaluate existing product and/or package for global re-release

MOCON’s microbial detection products uses the superior sensitivity of its oxygen sensor to offer a sterile swab test for Class 5 pharmaceutical cleanrooms. This rapid test can offer presumptive negatives in less than 15 hours.

Our Industrial Analyzer Division offers instrumentation for monitoring worker exposure to chemical in the sterilization and solvent recovery processes. The pharmaceutical fermentation process can also be monitored for methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, alcohols and aldehydes. Visit for more information.

MOCON Package Testing instruments are used for quality control and quality assurance of the modified atmosphere gas mix and package integrity.