Touch screen precision friction tester for determining static and kinetic friction of packaging materials to ASTM, BS, ISO and TAPPI standards.

  • Simple test set up and memory of settings for later recall makes switching between methods fast
  • Integral controller and data analysis for stand-alone use in laboratory and production environments, optional pc data acquisition
  • Convenient built in graphical display of test data and trends over multiple samples
  • Low Maintenance - 12 months between calibrations
  • 5.7" touch screen controller for precise control and measurement of force, distance and speed
  • Memory recipe function for quick and accurate recall of settings
  • Vacuum suction across the test bed for fast clamping of test material
  • Optional heated test bed for determination of 'Hot Slip' values.
Bed material Natural anodized cast aluminum
Sled material Anodized aluminum with foam contact pad with density of 0.25/ cm
Speed control 10 – 1000 mm/min, ±10 mm/min
Force reading 0 – 1000.0 grammes ±0.25% Fro (other loads can be specified)
C of F reading Calculated value from sled used 0 – 1.00 ±0.25% Fto
Touch panel screen CD, 256 Colour, QVGA, 320 x 240 pixels, 14.48 cm diagonal viewing. Touch screen, analogue resistive (gonze) with serial controller. Processor Geode SC2200. 266 MHz MMX compatible. 2 mbyte, on board flash memory for firmware 64 MB Dram ma in memory
Vacuum Air pressure of 80 – 100 PSI supply with venture generated vacuum pulling +90 % vacuum
Temperature Ambient to 100C ±5C (when specified)
Drive DC synchronous motor/gear box driving ball screw and crosshead
Speed feedback Via inline encoder
Output RS232 C
Power 240 VAC single phase 50/60 Hz (110V AC available on request) 0.75 KW max


  • Templates for the cutting of test samples for bed and sled
  • Check weight


  • Temperature circuit for HOT SLIP measurement
  • Software package for data logging via RS232 link
  • Ski sled 100g for measurement of sta inless steel on test material
  • Bed inserts to give test comparison with different metals
  • Peel attachment for 90 and 180 deg peel test