Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) Testing and ASTM D3985 Compliance

When it comes to determining oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of your flexible barrier materials for your product packaging or industrial application, having the right testing equipment is of the utmost importance. Key factors such as thickness of the material and environmental factors such as relative humidity and temperature help to understand material permeability, making accurate testing data essential.

At MOCON our OX-TRAN Model 1/50 OTR test system is designed for low cost oxygen permeation rate testing with single cell flat films. Only MOCON instruments comply with ASTM D3985, a standard requiring the test procedure be done with a coulometric sensor to measure any oxygen being transmitted through material.

In addition to ASTM D3985, the OX-TRAN Model 1/50 is fully compliant with F1927, JIS K7126-B, DIN 53380-3 and ISO 15105-2 standards.

The Benefits of OX-TRAN Model 1/50 for OTR Test Needs

As an oxygen permeation rate testing device, the OX-TRAN Model 1/50 has easy film placement with lift out test cell capabilities. Pretest preparation is also available with additional cells.

Our oxygen transmission rate testing system has automatic humidity control and built-in software with product memory capability that allows you to customize and store up to 99 test methods. It has a bright, easy to read display and an advisory screen that prompts operator input.

The OX-TRAN Model 1/50 also has a built-in system that protects against over or under pressure and system protections to avoid thermal runaway while in use. It requires no calibration and no flow adjustment, making it an OTR test system requiring no need for extensive training for staff. With pneumatic clamping, it is designed to be practical and efficient to use.

To learn more about the OX-TRAN Model 1/50 or to discuss your OTR testing needs, contact MOCON in Minneapolis MN USA today at +1 763-493-6370.

  • Complies with ASTM D3985, F1927. JIS K7126-B. DIN 53380-3. ISO 15105-2
  • Automatic RH control
  • Built-in software
  • Advisory screen prompts operator input
  • Customize and store up to 99 test methods
  • System protects against over or under pressure
  • System protects against thermal runaway
  • Status-screens display real-time information
  • Pneumatic clamping
  • No flow adjustment required
  • No calibration required
  • Easy film placement with lift out test cell
  • Pretest preparation available with additional cells
  • OTR Range (50 cm2) 0.1 – 200 cc/(m2 · day)
  • OTR Range (5 cm2) 1.0 – 2000 cc/(m2 · day)
  • OTR Repeatability (5 cm2) ±0.05 cc/(m2 · day) absolute or ±2% relative (whichever is greater)
  • Test Method Coulometric (sensor in cell)
  • Film Area 50 cm2
  • RH Dry, 5 – 90% RH
  • RH Probe Accuracy ±3%
  • Carrier Gas Requirement 99.9% Dry Nitrogen (or better)
  • Test Gas Requirement Dry Air or 100% Dry O2
  • Gas Pressure Range 30 – 35 psig
  • Temperature Requirement 10 – 40C


  • Product Memory Capacity 99 methods
  • Compliance CE/CSA/UL
  • Barometer Automatic Pressure Correction 600 – 800 mmHg
  • Cell Clamping Pneumatic