Quality Made Easier

Companies around the world depend on MOCON permeation data to make decisions critical to product development and product quality. Generally, a significant number of labor hours are spent setting up tests or waiting for results, often creating a bottleneck in the laboratory, holding up production, or delaying shipments.

The OX-TRAN 2/12 oxygen permeation instrument was designed specifically to produce results quickly and with minimal effort to increase your efficiency and streamline your operations. Your operators will now spend less time setting up and monitoring permeation tests, allowing them to achieve more in less time.

A new user interface and increased automation makes testing easier than ever before with less skill required, reducing the costs associated with training new employees or transitioning responsibilities within your company. Starting a new test may be as simple as a single press of a button.

Industry Standards:
  • ASTM F2622

Easier to Use

  • Fully automated testing
  • Simplified sample preparation
  • Touch screen interface

Increased Productivity

  • Save on labor hours with less in-test monitoring
  • Remote access and control
  • Automatic sequential testing

Data with Confidence

  • Improved repeatability between instruments and/or locations*
  • Automatic compensation to compare historical data*
  • Improved sensor and electronics*
Technical Specifications
Test Ranges Resolution Repeatability
cc/ (m2 • day) cc/ (100 in² • day) cc/ (pkg • day) cc/ (m² • day) cc/ (m‌² • day)
Model 2/12
Normal (50 cm²) 0.5 to 144,000 0.0323 to 9,300 0.0025 to 720 0.05 ± 0.25
Gas Supply Requirements
Carrier Gas Gas Composition 100% Nitrogen (< 100 ppm Oxygen)
Flow Rate, Nominal, Test Active, Maximum 600 cc/minute
Flow Rate, Nominal, Test Active, Minimum 60 cc/minute
Test Gas Gas Composition 100% Oxygen (purity 99.9%)
Flow Rate, Nominal, Test Active 40 cc/minute
Operational Capabilities
Humidity Control, Film Cell, Carrier Gas 0% to 90% RH ± 3 RH
Humidity Control, Film Cell, Test Gas 0% to 90% RH ± 3 RH
RH Film Cell-to-Cell Uniformity ± 3 RH
Environmental Chamber Specifications
Temperature Range 5 °C to 50 °C ± 0.5 °C
Humidity Control None

Compliance: CE/CSA/UL