Thank you for your interest in this product. MOCON has recently discontinued this product and no longer offers it for sale.  To request additional information or other options available, please Contact Us and a Representative will reply back shortly.

See our related white paper: The importance of testing the finished package

  • The test temperature ranges and controlled relative humidity are restricted only by the capabilities of the selected instrument
  • Attached directly to the top of the instrument , maximizing counter space.

Instrument Compatibility
 - OX-TRAN® Series 2/21 Master or Satellite Modules
-  OX-TRAN Model 2/10
 - PERMATRAN-W® Series 3/33 Master or Satellite Module
-  PERMATRAN-W Model 3/61
-  PERMATRAN-C Model 4/41
-  AQUATRAN  Model 2

  •  Usable temperature Range: 5oC to 50oC, (± 0.5oC)
  • Generated Relative Humidity: 0%, 35%-90% and 100%
  • Capacity: 0.68ft3 /0.02 m3
  • Internal Dimensions: 16 in (40.6cm) Height
                                         10 in (25.4cm) Width
                                         7.5 in (19.1cm) Depth
  • External Dimensions:   18 in (45.7cm) Height
                                            12 in (30.5cm) Width
                                            9.5 in (24.1cm) Depth
  • Weight: 30 pounds (13.6kg)